Development and production of chemical reagents which are applied at all stages of oil production.


Quality Laboratory

Scientific division of SPC ‘KF’ consists of 2 departments: «Quality Control Department» and «Research and Development Department».

The responsibility of the Quality Control Department is:
• Assessment of compliance of produced chemical products with established requirements.
• Input control of incoming raw materials.
• Development of measures aimed at improving the stability of the quality a finished product.

The scope of the Research and Development Department includes:
• Development of technologies for the production of new products.
• Optimization of existing productions.
• Development of internal regulatory documentation for quality control of products.

Laboratory tests of raw materials and finished products Research and development of chemical reagents Quality control at all stages of production

The scientific department of SPC ‘KF’ includes highly qualified specialists who have a great scientific and industrial experience in the field of synthesis of high-molecular compounds.